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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Radish Green Salad

My favorite thing about radishes is that they grow so darn quickly.  I plant them in May and they are ready to eat by early June.  When radishes are ready to eat everything else in the garden is barely growing.  The problem with radishes has always been that I am not wild about eating them. Funnily enough I have discovered that I actually prefer the greens to the red bulb.

Lately I have been making salads from my radishes and greens.  Add the cut up bulbs, an avocado, some croutons, parmesan cheese, top with a balsamic vinaigrette, and you are good to go.  I also like to add a bit of normal salad greens.  For the past couple of weeks this has been my go to lunch salad for work.

I've also been attempting to horrify my coworkers by saying that if anyone is interested I'll trade my salad for a McDonalds 10 piece chicken McNugget meal.  I am pretty sure they all know I am kidding. Patrick

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