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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Camp Chores

Out on Afognak we saw firewood by hand with a hardware-store, carpenter's saw.  Our little pig of a wood stove consumes a lot of wood, and so to keep it fed we have to saw a lot of wood.  A chainsaw would be much quicker and efficient, and we do own one.  But sawing wood is one of those camp chores that makes camping fun.

We did bring a chainsaw out to camp once and the roar, stink, and containers of gas and oil seemed somehow profane and out of place.  Sometimes less really is more.  Gathering and sawing wood is a group activity that everyone helps with and enjoys.  It helps to create the sense of self-sufficiency that camping is all about.  Patrick

Reading Oprah Magazine on the beach

Archie in the teepee

'Drama' setting breakfast shot from Stuey's camera

Fireworks on the rocks

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