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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Walk to Abercrombie by Stuey

This is my favorite of the books Stuey made while in Homer.  He does not clearly state that it is about a walk to Abercrombie, but all the events fit the familiar pattern of one our frequent walks to Abercrombie.  I just love that while he was in Homer he was thinking of me and of our walks together to Abercrombie.  Patrick

Inside the house and obviously bored and in need of a walk

There is a steep downhill just as you leave our house on the way to Abercrombie State Park

At the end of our road there is a footbridge across a small stream

After the bridge and stream there is a big parking lot and some houses

Stuey tells me that this is the trailer where there is often trash that the dogs try to get into

The road ends and the park trails begin

we have obviously made it the crossroads just inside the park


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