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Monday, September 12, 2011

Crabfest Seems So Long Ago

We keep our good photos in iphoto on the computer until we use them on the blog. We file away all our photos eventually but I keep the best in iphoto to remind us to put them on the blog. The blog is our family diary and we want the best photos in it. Lately there has gotten to be a little bit of a backlog, and looking back through them made me a little bit sad because it emphasized that summer is really over. Crabfest seems so long ago now, and even the green, green days of August seem distant. Not that I mind the approach of winter (my favorite time of year - bring it on!), but the end of summer is still a little sad.

And to be totally honest while Crabfest seems so long ago I must admit I was not even here for Crabfest. I was on an archaeological survey on the Karluk River and missed it entirely. But I've seen the photos, and I remember the days in April and early May when Stuey and Nora were so looking forward to Crabfest. It finally did arrive, and judging by the photos the kiddos certainly had a good time. Now it is long past - as are picnics on the lawn, and Hanna's even gone back to Berlin. Summer is done. Patrick

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