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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Weekend Activities

Stuey goes on to score a goal on this play

One of the highlights of the weekend was Stuey's soccer game.  His team was down 1-0 when he scored the first goal for his side.  My favorite part of the games is when they line up at the end to slap hands.  I think learning to be a good sport is just as important as the soccer skills.

Another memorable moment was on Pyramid when I was trying to out pace the dogs on the way down and had an epic wipe out.  I was going very fast when I hit a patch of new, wet, and very slow snow.  I came to an immediate halt and did a face plant cartwheel.  I actually did 2 spins and ended up about 30 feet downslope of where I started my wipe out.  I was sure I was hurt and all the dogs caught up and were licking my face.  Miraculously I only sprained my wrist.

But boy did I dig a deep hole with my face!  If you look closely at the photo I took the next day the crowd of doggie tracks marks where I ended up, and you can see the big hole a little higher up slope.


Thank you Sharon!

This photo from Saturday captures my Friday stitzmark and happy dog tracks

Ski tracks off of the face of the North Bowl

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