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Saturday, May 07, 2016

Quick Walk in the Rain

Muddy, Steep Trail down to the Beach
 Last weekend while Nora went tide-pooling with the Girlscouts, Stuey and I went exploring with the dogs.  We hiked to a little beach near the end of the road at Monashka that I have not visited in years.  To get there you park by the road at the end of the guard rail, and take a steep trail down to the beach.

When we left the house it was clear and, consequently, neither Stuey nor I brought our rain gear.  Of course it started to pour when we were half way through our hike - such is Kodiak.  We should have known better than to not bring rain coats (and in Stuey's case - rubber boots)!

On the way down to the beach Stuey and I picked the salmonberry blossoms and sucked the nectar - so sweet!  But only if you find the ones that have not already been discovered by pollinaters.  It got me thinking what insects pollinate Kodiak's flowers?  Who are we competing with when we try and find the blossoms with the sweetest nectar?  I'm pretty sure it is not bees.  Patrick

Salmonberry tunnel

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