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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Malina Bay

Michael enjoys the view across Shelikof Strait on the first night - that's Devil's Desk on the left

Earlier this week I conducted a 3 day archaeological survey of Malina Bay and Lakes.  Michael and I got there by float plane, surveyed the lakes, and then used inflatable kayaks to travel around the entire inner bay - camping along the way.  It's a big bay and I am a little amazed we got it done so quickly.  Maybe that's also why I am still exhausted 2 days after getting back home.

I've been hunting elk in Malina Bay every fall for almost 15 years, but we generally hunt in the outer bay and climb up the mountains.  It was a whole different experience exploring the coast in spring time.  And then looking up and seeing the mountain tops I already know so intimately.  I think Michael was getting a little tired of the 'once on that mountain top we .. ... ..' , or 'there's a trail along that ridge right by that tree. .. .' stories.

For such a beautiful place I was surprised that we did not find very many sites (more on the archaeology aspects in another post).  I guess it just goes to show that you can't eat a view.  The bay does seem to lack the subsistence resources more common to other bays around the archipelago.

Anyway, Michael and I enjoyed the trip.  We camped, saw elk every day, found and ate nettles and morels, and did a LOT of paddling.  There will be posts to come covering camp life (and the morels!), archaeology, and how the inflatable kayaks worked for survey.

This post is all about the scenics.  Patrick

Seagulls wheeling above a recessional end moraine island near the head of the bay

A small lagoon we surveyed - I once carried an elk out along the beach on the right

This looked like the perfect place for a site - but we did not find one here

Beautiful sunset

It's a great big bay

View from our second campsite - I once shot an elk on that hillside on the right

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