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Friday, May 13, 2016

Levitating dogs on snow

Brewster levitates on snow
Today after work I took the dogs skiing.  The snow has moved beyond the isothermic, 'post-holing' stage, and is now officially solid and dog joint friendly even if it does not freeze overnight.  Earlier in the year I try not to take the dogs up when the snow is soft because it is hard on their 'knees'.  The snow is now solid all the time - no matter what the temperature reads.

The great thing about skis is that it is the only time I can outpace the dogs.  In their minds I must have God-like powers when I am on snow.  Doggy think goes something like, 'How does he go that fast?  Ordinarily he just pokes along'.  

I race off ahead and they chase. 

On this trip I used the 'paparazzi' fast shutter on my point-and-shoot camera to try and catch the dogs chasing me.  I actually had to bleed off a little speed to let the dogs catch up to me.  Then clickety, click, click I'd look back and take Brewster's picture as he chased behind at the back of my skis.

I found the results hilarious.  Patrick

It's not Abercrombie!

Note plume of thrown up snow - the dog is going FAST

On the down strides the G's push all Brewster skin down and he closes his mouth

Brewster is officially faster than Sheba

Gregg and Lisa were up there too

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Aubrey Morrison said...

These are hilarious Patrick! I'm bummed I didn't get to see Brewster when I was in Kodiak.