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Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Cliffside kitchen

I'm home. After two months of being with my mom in her final two months of life in Anchorage, I am back on Kodiak. My mom passed away on Saturday morning with my sister and I right beside her.

My mom was one of our top Blog readers. My heart aches, I get intense waves of sadness. Part of me doesn't want to write knowing that she won't be reading it.

But I know she wouldn't want that. She was so supportive of my writing. She wants me to continue writing. It just hurts~the sadness of knowing she isn't over in Anchorage reading.

This morning both kiddos took to their drawing pads before school. Stuey was in the living room drawing and came in with the picture above. It is of Nora sitting at the kitchen counter drawing.
The scene warmed my heart, especially the rays of light coming down from our kitchen light fixtures. As well as all the items stored on top of the fridge! :)

Being around Nora and Stuey and their joy helps my grief. Stuey's mischievious smile and dimples lighten my spirit. Nora is a beautiful nurturer of me right now.

Today was the last day of school. And summer begins. I am glad for the change of seasons, the warmth on Kodiak right now. It all helps me heal and take one step forward at a time.



Philip said...

So sorry for your loss, may God comfort you through your children.

alphabet soup said...


My sincere condolences on the loss of your mother.