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Sunday, May 01, 2016

Stormy Waters

While helping to put together the upcoming Qayat Exhibit at the Alutiiq Museum I was tasked with finding a good 'stormy seas' weather photo.  This proved difficult. 

Part of the problem was that the orientation and shape had to be just right.  So a few good ones did get rejected based on orientation and shape alone.  But I also found that I just did not have many good 'stormy seas' photos.  When it is stormy the light levels are low - so many of the images I do have are grainy.  And who wants to take a good camera out in the rain?  Hence almost all my pictures were taken with my waterproof point-and-shoot.

So yesterday when it was really nasty outside I immediately thought, 'great day to take a stormy seas photo'. Unfortunately by the time we went hiking out to Spruce Cape it had settled down a bit.  And because it was raining HARD  I again took along the point-and-shoot.  So the photos are all grainy, and not quite as dramatic as I'd like.  

But now I'm thinking 'stormy seas' photos, and taking them whenever I see them. Next time it is super stormy I'll take the good camera out Spruce Cape, and since I've already narrowed down what compositions work I will not have to expose the camera to as much rain.  I bet the by the time the museum needs a 'stormy seas' image I'll have several to choose from.  Patrick

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