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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Spring Skiing with Nora

Yesterday afternoon Nora and I took advantage of the glorious sunshine and went skiing.  Zoya came home in the early afternoon and got some one-on-one time with Stuey. They played basketball and belly laughed while watching 'America's Funniest videos'.  In the meantime, Nora and I took the doggies up the mountain.

On the way to the mountain Nora looked out the window and declared, 'but daddy there's no snow'.  I assured her that we'd find plenty of snow, but it did take some faith.  This was especially true when we first left the parking lot and hiked through the spring time greenery to the accompaniment of chirping birds. It was very hot.

But a whole lot sooner than you'd think we reached the cool, cool snow and there was a lot of it.  I boot packed a stairway up the snow for Nora to follow and when we got to the top she had a snack while I got her ski boots and skis out of the pack.  

Then it was ski time!  The snow was perfectly corned up for skiing.  Neither too deep, nor sticky and slow.  Nora had a blast and declared that she 'can't wait to go to Alyeska next spring'. 

Mission accomplished!  Patrick

It's getting pretty green down low and HOT

Finally we reach the snow

Boot-packing it up to the top

Snacks at the top

Ready to rip! With Afognak Island in the distance

Really good snow conditions

Proud dad and daughter

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