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Sunday, April 24, 2016

The North Bowl

Looking up the North Bowl gut

Some more snow photos!  For such a warm winter it is amazing how much snow is up on the mountain.  And the skiing has been great.  That said, it is disappearing quickly.  Still there is a LOT of snow in the North Bowl and I am hopeful we will be skiing until June.

On Friday afternoon after work I raced up Pyramid for a couple of laps in the North Bowl.  I had to be back at the museum by 4:30 for the Qayat Exhibit opening.  It was a stunning afternoon to be on the snow.  Patrick

Two skiier skinning up the cornice at the top of the North Bowl

Removing skins and getting ready to rip the North Bowl Face

Lisa and Gregg arrive

By the time I left the mountain was already pretty tracked up

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