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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

More Russian Ridge

Sunday Kodiak was blessed with a gorgeous day. I worked in the garden all morning and took care of some 'garden angst'.  It's been an early spring but, in regards to the garden, I have been behind the season.  It felt very good to catch up a bit.  The garden should be all planted within the next week!  Usually I don't start planting the garden until May 1rst.  

It's funny but according to the norm I am not behind; it's just that this year everything is a full month ahead of schedule.  My 'garden angst' is only because I am only 2 weeks ahead of the curve when I could have had the full month.  But so it goes (and for the record I did mow the lawn today).

After all the garden work, it was family hike time with the dogs.  To start, we drove to the Spruce Cape trailhead, but there was practically no space to park the car.  Everybody seemed to have had the same idea and were out to enjoy the sunny Sunday on Spruce Cape.  So instead of fighting the crowds we opted to turn the car around and drive to the Lakeview Drive trailhead on Russian Ridge.  We got there and there was not a single car in the lot, nor did we see a single person while on our hike. 

It has become my favorite place to explore.  We tried a completely new trail and discovered an awesome blueberry patch. And much to Stuey and Sheba's delight we also found an Über buoy swing.  Someone had some serious guts to set the ropes high up in the trees on that thing!

What I love most about Russian Ridge is that I do not know it very well.  I follow trails and do not know where they will take me or what I will find.  And it is a big area.  What took me so long to discover it?  Patrick

Stuey found this little bit of faerie art - but what does it mean?

Maybe Wiz and Thunder are elves?

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