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Monday, April 11, 2016

Front side of Russian Ridge

Yesterday the kids and I took the dogs exploring along the front side of Russian Ridge.  We hiked  the footpaths on the steep hillside above where we went paddling on Saturday.  The hillside is very steep and looks out over town - it also faces southeast and catches all the sunshine.  By hiking the footpaths on the steep hillside we mostly avoided the rutted out and muddy trails frequented by ATVs.

Mountain bikers have made little bridges across all the little creeks and crossing them added an extra challenge to the hike.  They were often slippery with gaps, and looked VERY rickety.  Tank and Brewster absolutely refused to cross one over a particularly deep creek.

Anyway we scouted out and connected together a loop of the various trails and I am quite sure we will be back!  Patrick

This is the bridge Tank and Brewster refused to cross

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