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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Attack and counter-attack

Brewster contemplates a sneak attack on Sheba - I think Sheba is expecting it

Yesterday I took the dogs skiing and caught this bit of action with the 'paparazzi feature' on my camera.  It takes pictures rapid fire.  Anyway, Brewster likes to launch sneak attacks on Sheba and Tank.  I think Sheba kind of likes it and even encourages it.  Tank does not like it - he simply tolerates it.

Anyway in the above picture Sheba turned away and Brewster attacked.  But then Sheba spun and launched her own attack.  And boy did Brewster catch it!  It looks vicious but it is clear that they are playing.  Patrick

Sheba spins and attacks back - Gotcha Brewster!
Wow - Brewster wasn't expecting that!
Time to get away

All fun and games!

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