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Friday, April 08, 2016

Doggy Fun in the Snow

Tanky wants to go home

 It froze hard last night so I decided to take the doggies up pyramid with me for my afternoon ski.  I like the snowpack to be firm when I take the doggies up so that they can run along on top of the crust rather than constantly bog down breaking through the crust.  And today the crust was firm, but barely.

At dawn it was sunny and a crisp 30 degrees, but by the time I went skiing it was raining and 42 degrees in town.  But on Pyramid it was still snowing up above 1000 feet elevation.  And very, very windy.  Sheba did not like the blowing snow and would put her head down into old footprint holes so as to give her eyes a rest from the blowing snow.

It turned into a total whiteout with blowing snow and shrieking winds and I think the doggies were a little miffed.  I could sense their thought pattern, 'this is not Abercrombie'.  Also it helped that 2 of the dogs are black.  It gave the whiteout some perspective to see black moving dogs out bounding around in the periphery of the white, white picture.

Up on top Tank sat down right next to me while I took off my climbing skins and got ready to ski on down back to the car.  Sheba and Brewster ran around barking.  Everybody was super excited.  And then we were off - I had to point it and go super fast to stay ahead of Sheba and Brewster.  And then every once in a while stop and let Tank catch up.  I was worried he'd lose sight of us in the whiteout.

Anyway I took a video of the scene just before I removed my climbing skins.  18 seconds of doggie mayhem in a whiteout.  Patrick

Sheba wonders why we are up where there is blowing snow

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