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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Kid Party on the Snow

Stuey runs ahead towards the top in Dale's set boot track - Thank you Dale!

Last week it was the 'dog party' in the sunshine on top of Pyramid.  Yesterday it was a kid party up on the snow.  

At sunrise it looked like it would be the perfect day to take the kids skiing.  It was sunny and there had been a light frost.  That meant the snow pack would be solid so the kids could hike up and not punch in over the tops of their boots.

Then like that the weather changed.  It clouded up and rained.  I had already packed up the car with the gear so we still went ahead with the excursion.  I told the kids it was probably snowing on the mountain.  

It wasn't, nor was it raining, but it wasn't sunny either.  Sort of grey, 'Land of Mordor' type light, and the snow was soft.  But Dale another 'skiier' (he actually snowboards) had gone up earlier and had boot packed in a set of tracks for the kids to follow - a set of stairs so to speak.

By the time we got to the top both Stuey and Nora had wet, cold feet.  They certainly appreciated the dry, warm ski boots I had lugged up the mountain!  And then it was ski time.  Despite the difficult snow conditions they did GREAT!  I was worried about turns in the deep slush, but they handled it with aplomb.

And then just as we got off the snow it totally cleared up and got sunny.  That's Kodiak.


That's me carrying all the gear (3 sets of skis and 2 sets of boots) - downhill resort gear is HEAVY

On the top - time to put on the boots and click into the skiis

Nora was getting in some parallel turns - gotta love the skirt

Dramatic clouds

Stuey's legs were getting a little tired near the bottom of the run

Of course it got sunny once we got off the snow and were on our way home

Time to go home - note the HUGE boots

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