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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Paddling the inland waters

The big inflatable canoe and the hard-shell canoe in the foreground

Yesterday I took the kids and met up with Jeremy and his kids to go canoeing on Island Lake.  It was pretty windy out - too windy to go paddling on the ocean. Bill joined us in his kayak, and we paddled around the lake.  The tall spruce trees blocked the wind (for the most part), and it was warm in the sunshine.  We paddled close to the shore and found a couple of land otter dens marked with piles of freshwater mussel shells on the outside.  Stuey tried to tip the canoe over a few times by standing up - and I was tempted to give him a swim.

The highlight was checking out a tiny island in the middle of the lake.  You can't get to it unless you have a boat or the lake is frozen (which hasn't happened for a few years).  Next time we go I'm thinking we'll take the inflatable sea kayaks and each kid will get their own boat.  Maybe wait until the lake waters warm so swimming is an option.  Patrick

Jeremy's canoe

The crew on 'tiny' island

Tiny Island and Bill lurking behind

1 comment:

Alphie Soup said...

Just look at that Stuey! I didn't realise there were such colourful monkeys on Kodiak either!

I learn something new every post.

Ms A Soup