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Friday, February 19, 2016

We got dumped on!

Powder on the trees and the sun even came out!

 I was sick for the last few days and did not go skiing.  It was super stormy and rained hard in town.  So today when I did go I was pleasantly surprised to find three feet of new snow on the mountain.  That's a serious powder dump.  There is even a foot of slushy snow at the pass.  It was so deep that I had to go super fast so as to not bog down.  And when I did wipe out I was buried.  It took a while to get back up onto my skiis.  Now let's hope it sticks around, or, better yet, we get some more!  Patrick

My ski poles are 4 feet long so there is almost 3 feet of new snow below my skiis in this photo

The snowboarders had a hard time post holing up the mountain

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