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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Portland Conference

Weeping willows and downtown Portland

On my way back from the roommate reunion I stopped off in Portland, OR for a work-related Arctic Horizons Conference at Portland State University.  The point of the conference was to discuss the status and future of Arctic Social Science with a eye towards what the National Science Foundation should be funding - an attempt to set the priorities so to speak.  The National Science Foundation is holding a number of such meetings around the country and hopes to come up with a document to help guide future funding and work.

Anyway, I had a great time and got meet a number of arctic researchers I had never met before.  I also got to hang out with a number of old friends.  It made a strange contrast with the roommate reunion - a reunion of work related friends.

Once the conference was over I took a walk around Portland.  I crossed a really cool bridge and walked along the river for a couple of miles.  Downtown Portland was reflected on the Willamette River. Then I had a pizza and beer and wandered back to my hotel through downtown Portland.  I don't often get to explore in cities.  Patrick

Dramatic view of willows by river (same as pictured above)

River walk along the Willamatte River

Downtown Portland

MOD pizza for lunch

New pedestrian, bike and light transit bridge across the Willamette River

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