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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Skiing with the roommates

Packed powder at Taos

Last week my college roommates and I spent 3 days skiing at Taos,  New Mexico.  All 8 roommates made the road trip, and this is some 28 years after graduation!  Even more impressive is that everyone - all of us pushing 50 - skis.

For this year's trip we decided to drop in our roommate Mark G's world at Taos where he is the bartender everyone seems to know. We started to call him the 'mayor'.

The skiing was excellent.  A few days before we arrived it snowed a couple of feet.  And while we were there it was sunny every day with no wind.  However, I was impressed with how cold it gets in New Mexico.  There were single degree temperatures on the mountain. Still it seemed to warm up into the 20s every day, and it never felt cold while skiing. Just Perfect.

Now those are some big beers and we did ski afterwards

Whitney the waitress picture - 'you're all so adorable'

Top of the mountain

Tomas, Mark, Eric, Tom, Sven and Lanny - Larry joined us the next day

Eric and his little 'ISIS' friend

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