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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Another Jet

 Yesterday I went for a cross country ski in the sunshine.  I much prefer cross country over downhill skiing so whenever there is enough cover down low I get out the skinny skis - no matter what the conditions up high.  And it was a glorious day for a ski.  Warm with no wind, and a good base of snow.  I flitted through the spruce trees, bombed across meadows, saw a few deer, and totally re charged in the sunshine.

When I got home I realized that the cross country ski with the kids the day before and yesterday's ski were the only times I have gone cross country skiing all this year!  I'll add that we did have good cross country skiing in December but none until now in the new year 2016.  That's amazing, and just goes to show how warm it has been.

And it is not going to get better. It is supposed to rain 1 to 2 inches today and blow 60 mph - on the map below the tighter the lines the windier.  Another jet of warm air off of the North Pacific.  I guess my cross country skiing might be over for a while.  Patrick

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