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Friday, February 12, 2016


Crew photo at Mark's bar

We showed up at Taos in the dark after driving up from the airport in Albuquerque, and then followed Mark's instructions to his bar off of the main square.  As we walked down an alley looking for the bar 3 young women coming the other way exclaimed in unison, 'you must be the roommates'.  We had arrived.

We did well with restaurants and bars - so well, in fact, that I can not remember the name of a single one of them.  The first night we had New Mexican food at Mark's bar.  I had the enchiladas and could not decide between the green and red chilies - so they gave me a mixture of both.  As a point of honor I made Tomas translate the meaning of every Spanish word on the menu.  This was a theme that continued for the entire visit.

We twice ate breakfast at an excellent roadside joint on the way to the ski area that served, among other things, 'Warrior eggs' (Tomas translation).  But the highlight of our time on the town was dinner at a fancy restaurant in downtown Taos.  We started with cocktails in the bar - real mixed drinks like Manhattans - and finished with dinner in the main dining room.  I had a beet salad and a steak, but I noted that there was kangaroo on the menu.


Cocktails at fancy restaurant - Manhattans!

Nikki and Mark

Dinner at a Fancy Restaurant in Taos

Outside at the brewpub near the Rio Grande Canyon

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