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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Taos' 'Rio' Grand Canyon

The Rio Grande Canyon

One of the cooler things we did while at Taos was visit the nearby Rio Grande Canyon.  The highway bridge goes right across the gorge.  I gather in the old days before the bridge that the canyon was quite the impediment to travel in the area.  Looking down into the canyon from the bridge induced some serious vertigo.  I did not like going anywhere near the edge of the bridge. 

The canyon itself is about 700 feet deep.  It's not anywhere near as big as the Grand Canyon in Arizona, but it does have a bridge across it.  And it is VERY impressive in its own right.


Larry, Mark, Nikki, Tomas, Scott and Tom above the canyon

Me, Larry, Mark, Nikki, Tomas, Scott, Eric, Tom and Lanny

Bridge over the Rio Grande Canyon

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