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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

President's Day Ski

I love the President's day Holiday.  It seems to be one of the few holidays us adults get off but the kids still have to go to school (thank you teachers).  And this year the weather was perfect - sunny, calm and cold. 

I headed up Pyramid for a day of back country touring.  Usually when I go skiing it is an 'after work up and down' affair.  But yesterday I took my time and did some exploring.  The cold temperatures had frozen up the snow - so no powder - but the light was stunning.  A few low clouds created a contrasting mottled shadow pattern on the landscape - the white peaks contrasted with the dark clouds.

I literally ran into some goats while skiing down a hill.  I heard their hoofs on the snow and was trying to figure out where the sound came from when I saw the herd running away.  I later watched them climb up the backside of Pyramid.  Beautiful day.


Goats climbing the backside of Pyramid

I later skiied into the south bowl on the frontside and looked up and saw all the goats in a line above me on the summit

Bruce and Birch also enjoying the day off ptarmigan hunting

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