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Sunday, March 11, 2012

In Seattle I am thankful for...

What an incredible weekend in Seattle!

Things I am thankful for during my Seattle weekend (in no order of importance):
-That I made it through airport security with my disclosed multiple face lotions, toothpaste, etc. I forgot to put them in my check in luggage. Several of them were over 4 ounces. I would've been quite sad to lose those. I am known for getting pulled aside at security for having lotion, lip gloss, etc in my bag. It almost never fails that I have to have my bag closely checked!
-My amazing girlfriend, Marias, with whom I got to visit with. What a gem she many good laughs together. What a blast it was to catch up and cherish each moment after not seeing each other for 4 years. I love the soft occasional scent of patchouli which surrounds her! Missing Marias, big time!
-My physical therapy class lab partner, Rachel, for her patience with me in practicing my manual therapy techniques on her. In manual therapy classes, its all about a killer lab partner who is patient and can give good feedback. My class was on the sacroiliac joint...if you're not sure where that is...give google a go. Its one complex joint to work on. Rachel rocked it with her knowledge and expertise. To all the painful sacroiliac joints in Kodiak-here I come...armed with my new techniques!
-Whoever found my lost purse at the hotel and took the $70 cash was kind enough to leave my ID, credit card and photos-and leave it at the hotel front desk. Very bummed about the lost money, but thankful to have the ID card, credit card and purse to travel home with. Karma will catch up with them...
-The fun "retro" furniture at the vacant hotel sitting area upstairs from the check in desk. Marias and I took advantage of the space and took a few "girl power" photos with self timer.
Fun Retro furniture+reunited girlfriends+no one around=photo shoot!


A very tired Zoya, mini sacra-iliac joint and rockin' lab partner, Rachel, at the end of our class.
Marias and I!

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