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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Seattle Trip

Yesterday morning Marias and I leisurely woke up and walked down to Pike Place Market looking for breakfast. None of the pastry places struck our fancy so we did an alternative style breakfast. There was a small outdoor Chinese walk up bakery where I spotted sesame seed coated red bean paste buns. Marias and I each got one then went to the outdoor fruit stand and got a container of raspberries which we ate while looking for some place for coffee. It was so nice not having to be anywhere, not plans or commitments. To just see where the day took us.

Which was to the dress section as Nordstrom.
We went dress shopping~Marias was looking for a dress for a Coast Guard promotion ceremony for her husbands work. I forgot what fun dress shopping with a girlfriend is! We spent hours just talking and trying on dresses....looking for the perfect one.

As we left the hotel for dinner, it was raining heavy and fortunately there was a bin of tall navy "to borrow" umbrellas by the door. We each grabbed one and there is something so fun about walking through a city using umbrellas in the rain. Even though it rains all the time in Kodiak, you just don't use an umbrella. Marias and I laugh that it is probably only tourists that use umbrella's here.

Walked to dinner at Chinese restaurant and dessert consisted of banana spring rolls and ice cream (see picture!). So delicious.

When deciding what to do for the rest of the evening, the bartender told us that there was either a jazz club or small irish bar with live music in the close vicinity. To the Irish Bar (Kells) we went, where live music began shortly after arriving. The dance floor was small and the band was a small 3 piece Irish Jig group. The girl played an irish whistle instrument that looked a small recorder and played the high pitched melodies. It was just lovely.

Great ending to a fun day enjoying Seattle with Marias.

Its 6:45 am..Now off to breakfast and to start my physical therapy class.


Marias and I with dessert last night. She got the Mini desserts which are served in large shot glasses!
Falafel Plates for lunch

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