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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Daddy's Island Lake After School Ski Program

Today after I picked the kids up from school/daycare I took them to Island Lake to go skiing before we went home. The photos make it all look worthwhile but I must admit it was all not as joyous as it looks. First off at the car there is the rush to get the kids in their boots etc and it was super icy getting down onto the lake. I had to carry the skiis down to the lake and then pack each kid down individually. I, of course, fell down while carrying all the ski gear. This made the kids laugh.

Then out on the ice just as it was starting to get fun, Nora stated, "I have to pee". Great - in a snowsuit on over her school uniform and wearing ski boots. Time to go home. Stuey wanted to prove that he had something over Nora and promptly dropped his pants and peed in the middle of the lake. He would not let anyone go ahead of him and kind of liked to break his own trail rather than following the set track. Of course he fell a bunch and so his hands got super cold (He'd taken his gloves off).

Anyway, we made it back to the car and I tried to help Nora pee with the snowsuit pushed way down, but of course she peed on the snowsuit. I was trying to hold her up while she peed and she was laughing like crazy. Hard to get mad when the kids are obviously having fun. Then they wanted to ski again when we got home, but by then I was DONE.

Still, I'd do it again. And they do seem to like skiing. We even circum-navigated all the way around the main area of the lake. But I must admit I do 'Jones' after those kids ski programs in Los Anchorage. Some day soon it will get easier, right?


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