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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sledding at Abercrombie

Yesterday it was very windy and cold - not the sort of day to take the kids out onto a windswept lake. So we headed for the shelter of the trees at Abercrombie Park. I thought we would try sledding on the road out to the old bunker on Miller Point. It is a longer walk than I remembered (walking with kids always extends distances). About halfway in to the point Nora gave me a suspicious look, and asked, 'hey is this a walk?' I assured her that we needed to walk a ways to get to the long hill near the bunker on the point.

We got there and the hill was way steeper and longer than I remembered. Stuey wiped out pretty quick but Nora picked up some serious speed and shot around a corner and out of site. Huge trees lined the road and I feared she might 'jump the track' and pop off into the trees. Of course they both loved it and wanted to do it again. But i figured it was time to go back to the less steep hill and far safer hill closer to the car near the start of the road.

The less steep hill proved much more than adequate. Those plastic sleds really fly without much help! Stuey and Nora would start at the same time and have races down the hill. It was a cross between demolition derby and ski cross. Overall distance achieved seemed to matter more than placement. Rarely did they make it to the bottom, however. And once I saw that Stuey was going to go past Nora at the bottom and Nora moved her sled in the way to wipe him out. For some reason I found this sort of competition hilarious. Yes, they were fighting, but somehow it was very, very funny (and not very serious fighting either). Best of all, I got to stand at the top of the hill and do nothing as they raced back up the hill each time to start their runs again.


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