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Thursday, March 08, 2012 Seattle

"Reunited and it feels soooo good...." Marias sings as I write this post!

Marias and I haven't seen each other in 4 years and tonight we finally reunited for the first time since she left Kodiak. Since Marias left we have kept in close contact and we have taken such similar paths in our lives....with careers, birth, child rearing, friendships, etc.
She is a friend who has always, always understood me. No matter what I tell her.

Tonight I took the light rail to the airport from my hotel and waited for her to come through airport security. Marias was flying in from Petaluma. She walked through the security gate "border" in such cute boots, skirt and fun scarf with her enthusiastic smile and hug. We took the light rail train back to the city and chatted away, catching up.

1/2 hour into the train ride, someone eavesdropping into our conversation said he would be eager to buy a round of drinks to continue to listen to the details. He was preparing to depart as he admitted to eavesdropping. Marias and I got a kick out of that!! Did we ever laugh as we thought back to the thread of our conversation. It feels so good to catch up with her after years apart.

Yesterday I visited my friend, Pauline, who gave birth 10 days ago to a beautiful baby girl, Pyper.
Pauline moved from Kodiak last summer and her friendship has been a sacred one -introducing me to yoga, helping me with fitness goals. We've always shared similar perspectives on health, fitness and life in general. When she lived in Kodiak, we we went on runs, hikes. It was so fun to see her as a new mom with little Pyper...what a lucky baby she is. Pauline and her husband Andy are such incredible parents...and now they move to South Carolina in a few weeks. Hopefully she is going to visit Kodiak this summer so I can give gorgeous Pyper some more squeezes and catch up with Pauline more.

So fun to connect with these fabulous women in Seattle! Girl Power!!


Marias and I at Dahlia..
Pauline, Pyper and I.

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