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Saturday, March 10, 2012

More Kids Skiing

Well after all the fiasco of a ski a few days ago, it really does appear as if things have gotten better quickly. And best of all it seems the kids actually like to go cross country skiing. We've gone every day of late, and each time I gave them the option to go sledding. And each time they have chosen to go XC skiing on Island Lake instead of sledding.

I am amazed how much their skiing technique has progressed. Yesterday they barely fell (well one or 2 falls each) and we covered twice the distance we did the first day. Stuey still has the annoying habit of freaking out if he is not in front. But no cold hands, and no urgent needs to pee. They are probably setting me up for a major ski melt down. But so far so good. ... .


Quote of the day while eating lunch:

Nora: "When you work, Stuey, you work at McDonalds - (teasing voice) 'Hi, my name is Stuey, I work at McDonalds.'" Later on Nora adds, 'When I work, I work at school'. And Stuey rebuts Nora to add that 'when I work, I work at Taco Bell.'

Where do they come up with this stuff?

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