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Monday, June 27, 2011

Visitors & Goings On

The past two weeks has been filled with fun, food and friends! Bob, our long time friend and archaeologist from Seattle paid a business visit to Kodiak last weekend. He has come to Kodiak for digs since 1997. This time he stayed on a few nights here and we enjoyed a dinner at the Powerhouse with him! Since his trips in the 90s' lots has changed...Patrick and I are now married, hes married, we have two kids, he has two kids but the fun conversations and laughter hasn't changed a bit!
The other visitor was my friend Elke, and her two girls from Anchorage. She is a midwife from Anchorage and was here over a week. She has come to Kodiak several times in the past couple months and this time she brought her kids! Nora and Stuey had a ball...playing with her girls. We went to the beach and parks lots as well as cooking yummy dinners together in the evenings. Tonight they leave on the ferry.

My office manager at A Balanced Approach is back at work after her two week trip to is SO wonderful having her back. WIth her gone, I hardly had a free moment between answering phone calls, calling clinics back, scheduling clients, etc... Winona really is the glue that holds the clinic workings together--shes the best and its so great to have her back.


Myself, Elke and Bob
Patrick and Bob in 2003--community Archaeology
Stuey riding his bike--he has recently learned how to ride a pedal bike all by himself.
Nora and P. shuttling firewood to the fire pit!

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Bob K. said...

What a fun stay - but way too quick. Thanks guys!!