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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Comings and Goings

The past two days have been filled with comings and goings...our next door neighbor, Len S. left the island today. He built the house next to us in the '90s and has been such a great neighbor, with his wife Paula. It was very bittersweet to say good bye to him yesterday...the passing of an era. Into his house moved our friends Rachel and Matt and their adorable puppy, Ramsey. They came over for dinner tonight and they settled into their place with their puppy.

Also coming is my sister and Patricks brother, Ella and Dicky. They came back to Kodiak yesterday after a 5000 mile trek from Maine. They are getting settled into their place as well! This morning Leo and Zeke came over and played with Nora and Stuey which was quite fun. Nora and Leo seem to really hit it off. Its funny because several years ago they could barely stand eachother. Now they seem to be on the same wavelength. Good times!


Len and Patrick in 2005 on a deer hunt here in Kodiak.
Ella, Dicky, Patrick and myself in May of 2002...Ella and Dicky had met during this weekend and started dating shortly after....

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