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Friday, June 17, 2011

Costa Rica 2001 - without kids

Recently I was going back through and 'labelling' our old blog posts and when I got to doing the 'travel' label I realized that Zoya and I never posted on our trip to Costa Rica in 2001. 2001 WOW - that was 10 years ago! When I first looked through the pictures from the trip I was a little bummed we looked so young and was thinking about how much the kids must have aged us. And then I realized that this trip was almost 5 years before we even had kids - so long ago that aging a bit since then is not so bad.. .. . .

This was Zoya and I's first vacation together, and I am impressed that we did such a big trip less than 2 years (and a short break up) after meeting each other. But I guess 2 years at that age must have seemed like an eternity. Anyway, off we went to Costa Rica in November and stayed with my college roommate Tomas and his wife Anna. Tomas grew up in Costa Rica and runs a tuna canning company, and he is still living there with Anna and his kids to this day.

In 2001 Zoya and I had a great time. Highlights included a rafting trip on the Atlantic coast, birding in an alpine rain forest, driving on insanely potholed roads at high speed, and a fishing trip on the Pacific Coast. On the rafting trip we hung out with the other young couples who were vacationing without kids because none of us had had kids yet. I remember that one of the other couples was from Nashville while the other was from Argentina (I think). Zoya could not get the guide's name, Jorge, right. She kept on calling him 'hoare - hee' not 'hoare hay'. It was pretty funny.

On the fishing trip we caught sailfish and tuna, but the highlight of the fishing trip was when Zoya caught the rooster fish. I think the fishing guides were amazed that we let Zoya catch the fish all by herself. Patrick

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