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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kid Quotes

Kid Quotes

"If I grow tall, I can be a mom" -Stuey

"How can we get those rain sticks?"-Stuey upon pointing to the roof. I was very confused for a while, then realized he was talking about icicles! He wanted to lick an icicle! This was in April, however...

"Heres your pony nails"-Stuey upon handing me pony tail holders

"Wow mom! That was a great ride!" -Nora upon getting out of the shower with me. Simple pleasures, evidently!

"Water hurts my breath"-Stuey, after drinking water much too fast.

"Mom, how do you write, 'Welcome to the world, little sweetie pie'?"-Nora, after I was at 2 births, she wanted to make little cards for the new babies. She gave them the cards with carrot sticks in bags.

I asked Stuey to name the teacher he wanted to write a card for. He couldn't think of her name. I asked him to describe her. His face lit up and he said, "yeah mom. I can describe her. She has a neck, and legs and arms." He was very serious.


Jowers Inc. said...

Oh my gosh--- those are funny! Stuey seems like quite a funny little man!

My Little Family: said...

Too funny!

Anne said...

I had to read Stuey's description of his teacher aloud to my parents, so sweet!