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Friday, June 17, 2011

Costa Rica 2006 with kid

Five years after our first trip we returned to Costa Rica married and with a kid. It was a totally different experience. It was also our first time 'traveling with kids' - something that actually got a LOT more difficult before it only recently started getting better. Back then the kids mostly slept on the plane and Zoya could supply their every need (daddy was not very important in this regard at all). Later in time the kids were mobile little terrors that could kick the backs of the seats in front of them. DVD players replaced Zoya in taming kids in flight and daddy became far more important. But in 2006 we only had Nora and it was pretty simple.

Our second trip to Costa Rica was with Nora. We went with my roommate from college from college and his family - 3 kids and a wife. I remember being horrified with the behavior of their 3 year old son. Little did I know I was seeing the future. Costa Rica 2006 was a blast--going from beach to beach, pool to pool with the kids. The weather was very hot so it felt so great to cool off in the water. Good food and lots of beer. The roads were still terrible but we noticed a lot new golf courses and McDonalds type restaurants that had not been around in 2001.

My roommate's wife is a doctor and she was concerned about the amount of meat I ate. I love the grass fed beef of Costa Rica and I ate steak for lunch and dinner every day - even breakfast. She made me promise to get my cholesterol checked when i got back to Kodiak. I got back to Kodiak and did check my cholesterol - I had more 'good' cholesterol coursing through my veins than the 'bad'. Just goes to show that Costa Rican grass fed beef is good for you! Right? Patrick

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