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Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday Snow

Yesterday I went up Pyramid and went downhill skiing. Lately, I've been mostly cross country skiing - trying to catch the last of the snow at sea level before it disappears for the summer - so it felt slightly novel to go up the mountain to catch some powder. And the conditions were pretty darn good. About a 1/2 foot of powder and graupel on the North side of the mountain and sun warmed corn snow on the south side.

I climbed up the mountain by myself, but as usual when spring skiing on a beautiful sunny afternoon on Pyramid I was joined by lots of friends. I ran into Paul Z, Tia and Danny up for a family ski and Gregg and Lisa too. Up on Pyramid on a day like sunday is sort of like going to a Christmas Party. You really never know who you will meet and everyone you do meet you are really glad to run into. I guess like minded people climb mountains and go to the same Christmas parties together. Patrick

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