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Monday, March 14, 2011

Birthday Ski

Today's my birthday, but yesterday I went for what has become a tradition - the birthday ski. For the last few years Philip, Adelia, Gregg and Lisa have joined me for a ski on my birthday. Every other year we have gone exploring on cross country skiis, but this year we went on snowshoes and alpine gear.

The conditions were pretty darn good - powder on a soft crust. A little windswept and icy up high on exposed ridges, but that made the sojourn a bit more adventuresome. I have been at a conference in Fairbanks, and cross country skiing every day on groomed trails. It felt good to get back on the ungroomed! Back into the backcountry. Patrick

1 comment:

Akensee4miles said...

Happy birthday Patrick! Glad to see that you got out to do what you love. -Bruce & Meg