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Friday, March 11, 2011

Post-Tour Peace

The professional photos from the Tour were posted and its fun to look at them and be thrilled that the race is over. I have been able to breath easier with my schedule now that the race is over....our friend Bruce wrote on his blog (north 2 the future) about the relief of the race being over, and not having the details of the race being such a focus of his mind. I wholeheartedly agree-I feel lighter now that it is over. The good part about doing a race is it gives you something to work towards. The downside is that in the weeks preceeding the race, it is easy to feel mentally taken over by it.

Stuey has been in such a good spot lately. I had some hard times with his stubborness for several months and now he has come out of it. Yes-he still has a stubborn edge, but my sweet little Stuey is back. Kids go through phases where they push limits and its not fun but then they come out the other side of it, and all is well. Amazing how it works.

Nora is blossoming on many levels as well--tonight she wanted to make Patrick several Happy Birthday posters, as Patrick's birthday is this weekend. She had me write out the letters, "Happy Birthday Dad" on a piece of a paper and she quickly transcribed the letters and words onto her posters. She is becoming much more confident with writing. She draws big upper case letters, and it works. I can see she is having fun with writing which is the important part.

When school starts in the fall, she'll be very ready for kindergarten. Its going to be an exciting time to watch her start school in August!


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