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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Playing Outside

This weekend was an outdoors kind of adventure. Nora and Stuey have discovered "playing house" in the small alcove of trees we have next to our house. They have little trails, "bedrooms", "bathrooms" (a boys and a girls), a kitchen, etc. Yesterday the kids played outside in the barely-40 deg temps for close to 2 hours. It was magnificent! I remember playing house for hours and hours and hours as a kid and its fun to finally see Nora and Stuey at an age where they are enjoying it also!

Yesterday we went sledding on the mountain across from Pyramid. The hill was steep, sleds were fast and there were lots of sqeals of delight from the kids.

There is still so much snow in the mountains! I'm getting excited about the prospect of downhill spring skiing. I didn't go at all last year and regretted it. Not sure how I let that happen...

I can feel spring in the air--snow is almost melted around our house, (just one tiny patch left) and our driveway is finally drying up.


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