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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Focus, Mom

Yesterday I was helping set the counter up for Nora to paint. She got her paints out and some paper. I was behind the counter, cleaning and putzing around. I realized that Nora needed a glass of water and I turned around to give it to her....right at that moment she said, "Focus, mom". I started did she. I replied, "Did you just say, Focus?". She said "yeah! I needed my paint water". Some of the things she says take me by surprise! Its fun to be able to laugh at yourself--my kids surely help me do that!


A tower Stuey built when I was gone last week.
Birthday photos from Patrick's 46th!
Strike a pose!! Sara and the kids.

1 comment:

Jowers Inc. said...

I say that to myself all the time-- so cute that she said it to you instead!