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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Philip's Snow Video

Snowboarding the Kodiak Backcountry from Philip Tschersich on Vimeo.

Philip made a video that partially uses some of the video he shot on my birthday ski. He almost totally excluded us skiiers, but if you look carefully Lisa and I do make brief cameo appearances in the background. Philip does an awesome job with imovie and his videos are so beautiful it actually sort of discourages me from making such videos. But mine are just different. I see myself more as a 'Robert Frank' type videographer (famous for grainy high contrast Black and white photos) while Philip is more the Ansel Adams type. One thing for sure - my videos load up a lot quicker.

In any case, take the time to watch the video. It's a pro job, and it really shows how nice the skiing was over the weekend. Best of all, with all the new snow it should be getting even better up there now. Patrick

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