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Friday, March 18, 2011

My Bozeman Family

Today I returned from a 5 day trip to Bozeman, Montana-to visit my sister and her family. My sister, Peggy, fractured her leg quite severely in a fall about a month ago. She underwent surgery and will have more weeks of rest and then rehab ahead of her. After finding out about the fall, I booked a ticket to visit her and give her family an extra hand. This was my first trip to Bozeman and I had such a great time with my family. The week was filled with visiting with Peggy, running errands as needed, grocery shopping, cooking, going on walks, watched a couple of movies...

My niece, Cami, is 14 and she and I cooked up a storm. She was an awesome prep cook and baker! There is nothing I love more than cooking with someone so enthusiastic and lovely as Cami.
Monday-Bean and veggie burritos
Tuesday-Home made Pizza (actually, dough was bought fresh from local co-op. YUM! wish we had that option here!!)
Wednesday-Salmon Patties, Roasted veggies and salad. For dessert, Cami made Apple Crisp. YUM!
Thursday-Roasted Broccoli and Veggie/meat lasagna

The meal which made me the happiest was the salmon patty night. I bought 3 small cans of canned salmon from the local store, and made the standard fried patties we make here at home. I knew my brother-in-law, Bern, would eat them along with me-as he loves seafood. But I didn't believe any of the kids would enjoy them. I went into it expecting that the kids probably wouldn't touch them. I was WRONG! My older niece and nephew ate them and enjoyed them! And their teenage friend who was over for dinner wanted seconds as well! I was so honored and excited to see kids enjoying salmon patties! (I know they would find me completely silly for getting so excited about this...) There wasn't a crumb left. I was such a happy chef that night. Seeing that the patties were gobbled down and appreciated.

The week went so well. Peggy is making a gradual recovery and has incredible strength through it all. I admire her for the attitude with which she has approached the injury and state of disability. She can't bear weight on her leg for 8-12 weeks total...and has to use an adapted walker, as she also fractured her wrist on the same size. Makes getting around challenging for her, to say the least.

Bozeman is a beautiful city--can't wait to go back some day with the kids and check out the natural wonders of the area....yellowstone, geysers...skiing...dinosaur museum...etc. Stuey and Nora would love it. And Patrick too. But its often hard to peel him out of Alaska....


Photos: Cami and I cooking a batch of calzones (to go in the freezer for Peggy) and lasagna yesterday evening.

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