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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Doula Moments

There have been some cool doula moments the past couple of weeks...

-At a first post-delivery visit with a mom, her baby girl had a onesie on it that said, "I Love my Doula". It was precious. My heart melted! Moments like that make my heart smile.

-Tonight I had a pre-natal doula meeting. The dad remembered me from a couple years ago--he is a utility repair person and remembered coming over to my house--he remembered that I had two black dogs and purple subaru. Its funny how you never know who's birth you'll be involved with! I laughed and told him, "I never would've guessed two years ago that I would be at the birth of your child!". Fun moment.

-Recently after a birth, the brother of the newborn said to me, "Thank you so much for helping mommy have the baby". The words meant so much to me, as I could tell he really meant what he said.


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