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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Young Professionals and feeling older

This fall in my spinning classes, I have felt Old. Maybe I should clarify-- older than normal. I've noticed there is a big group of young professionals who have moved to Kodiak this fall. They are in their mid to late 20's and have jobs with the hospital, KANA, etc... During spinning classes, several of them talked about their "SIgnificant Others" and I remembered how Patrick used to be that to me! Their conversations revolve a bit more around evening schedules and workout schedules--some of them going straight from spinning to swimming. Those were the days--unlimited workout hours!

It makes me remember how I used to be in that "new to Kodiak" and "20 something" group and now I"m in a different group. I"m in the "Married-with-kids with steady job and been here for a while-group". Or maybe its the "I"m happy if Friday nights are at home on my couch" group also. Or the "fuddy-duddy" group. Whatever you want to call it, its a place where fun times are found with our family, friends and the outdoors. I couldn't enjoy this time in our life more.

I love that the gals who came to my spinning class enjoyed the hour and they said they loved my music-phew. At least I can still pick out good workout tunes. Its funny, cause Patrick and I have friends of all different ages and I love how our friendships aren't limited by age at all. In fact, Patrick is 10 years older than me, and age difference has never been a concern. He has friends who are 10 years older than him, which makes them 20 years older than me and its not an issue.


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