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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Ecstasy and Agony

Tomorrow we leave on our Afognak Elk hunt. It's an annual event. Every year we leave on Jim's seiner and cruise to Afognak Island to hunt elk. And every year we leave Kodiak with visions of big elk in our heads, and seem to forget what it took in years past to get them back to the boat. Elk are big. Once we get one there is always that euphoric moment before you realize, 'this thing is as big as a horse - how on earth are we going to get him back to the boat?' And then the work begins.

This year BEFORE we left on the hunt I thought I'd remind myself just how big elk are, and try to remember what it takes to carry one through the brush with no trail to follow. Hopefully this will help temper our enthusiasm and, as a result, we will not shoot an elk on the back side of a mountain 5 miles from the beach. That said, elk are where you find them - and they are ALWAYS a lot of work. Even if you find them on the beach. Patrick


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Good luck Patrick! Love the photos.