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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The other morning, Stuey came walking into the kitchen, sat up on our counter stool and looked around at Patrick and I and said, "Hey, we all have noses!". That got a laugh out of me!

The past few days, Stuey looks at me very intently and says, "I look into your eyes". If I"m not looking at him, he'll hold the sides of my head gently and rotate it towards him. And give me this big smile.

The other day there was 1 brownie left that someone gave us. Stuey said, "Mark can have this brownie. Daddy not like brownies. I'll give it to Mark." Stuey charged out the door to the shed (as Mark had been in there the week prior cataloging artifacts. hes has been out on the Elk hunt with Patrick). He walked back to the house slowly, with a disappointed look in his face, brownie in hand. He said, "Marks not here. Hes not at work, too. Hes out skiing." LIttle does Stuey know, ski season isn't quite in season yet. But I think he believes that Mark would do the same things as his dad. :)


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