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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Neighborly relations

A lot has happened this past year on Cliffside drive. Several lots down the road were developed with houses in the works on them. A friend's house at the end of the road is having a new addition built on it. Two houses down, there has been exterior construction on it. And the latest change is a house just down the hill got a new family in it.

The family which used to live in the house was somewhat reclusive--there were 2 kids, perhaps who lived there, but we never really saw them outside much. The curtains were often closed and I never saw many signs of life outside.

The other day as I was walking by, a dad and two of his girls were outside unpacking and moving in. I said Hi and welcomed them to the neighborhood. They were so friendly and bursting with enthusiasm about living on Cliffside road. The kids and I made brownies tonight and brought them over tonight. The 4 girls and mom who greeted us at the door were just thrilled about being welcomed to the neighborhood. Sometimes it feels that people stay in their houses so much and there isn't nearly enough interaction between neighbors living so close. This fall that has changed for us, as Stuey and Nora have been biking with the neighbor boys. Nora even wrote the neighbor boys a note and left it on their door. And they wrote her one back. It is exactly the type of neighborly relations I would've hoped to have.


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