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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Three Presentations in 3 days

Tomorrow I am off to Anchorage for the Alaska Anthropological Association meetings. Zoya always seems to think that these things are mini vacations for me, and that while she's slaving away taking care of the kiddos on the home front I am kicking back in the big city. This is NOT true. This year I have to give 3 talks in 3 days (I posted the cover slide for each talk). I am actually a little stressed about it. But I will admit the worst part of it is already over - last weekend I had to create the 3 powerpoints.

And I fully realize it isn't all bad. It is kind of exciting to present research to other 'archaeo nerds' and hear what they have to think about it. I will be meeting people I went to graduate school almost 20 years ago and have been seeing once a year at these meetings ever since. It's kind of an alternate universe where they all know me and I know all of them, and we meet once a year. But it is NOT a vacation.

Also, you will note that one of the talks is about last summers Community Archaeology dig out at Cliff Point. I will be adding to this one and presenting it again in Kodiak when I get back - on April 8th, 7PM, at the Museum. And if you are in Anchorage in the next few days check out the Alaska Anthropological Association meetings. They are at the Millennium Hotel. Sven is giving a talk too. Patrick


Akensee4miles said...

Patrick, which talk are you most excited about? I can send Meghan and her Mom (she's visiting this week) over to the Hotel.

Zoya said...

I think the best one will be the Community archaeology one - it is Saturday morning around 9:30 in the Lydia Black session. You can download the program here:
I think you can pay a small fee and just attend one talk - but the details will be at that website.


kodiak said...

patrick. enjoy your vacation in the big city.

My Little Family: said...

I enjoy your talks. You are always so enthusiastic and into the subject. Those nerves help to keep one on their toes!