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Monday, March 08, 2010

He did it!

Patrick did the 40 K Tour of Anchorage Ski race! Yeah! He took second for his age group and finished in 2:04 (his goal was 2:05). Evidently, he was quite sick afterwards (uncontrollable coughing) and wasn't able to partake in post-race festivities (ie dinner with friends) but at least he got some rest and completed the race.
He is on his way home from Anchorage right now-I'm so happy and proud of him. With such little snow this winter, it was a real challenge knowing how to train for it, but I think hes glad he did it.



Meghan said...

Patrick-always a force of nature-congratulations on another great race! Hope you feel better soon!

gpc said...

Wow, congratulations - an amazing accomplishment, especially since he wasn't feeling well!

Zoya said...

I am pretty happy with my race considering we had no snow for XC training and I was VERY sick. I also almost missed the start. I thought it was at 9:36 NOT 8:36 and showed up to collect my bib 10 minutes before the start. I rushed to get my gear together and got to the gate just in time for th 10, 9, 8 .... GO! I actually tried to take it easy to help my cold and I think this may have actually helped me later in the race.

But after the race I certainly paid for racing sick. I have been coughing non stop since and living in a sudafed haze. Still it was worth it! Patrick

Aubrey said...

Way to go Patrick! I looked for your out on the trail but I'm sure you passed through long before the 25k got started.

Zoya said...

Aubrey we were the first over the course and the first to finish - we beat the elite 50K dudes. But we also broke the trail in for everyone else - it was all hoar frost on groomed and if you left the skiied in track you stopped dead. The 40 K leaders had it tough! Patrick